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charter one says I am a valid customer, and I should be with all the overdraft fees they have robbed me of by putting the larger amount check through first regardless of the dates causing many smaller checks to bounce to increase fees. Its robbery!

People are already struggling and then they have to deal with the stress of more debt. I am furious and bitter.

The right way is to put the transactions through by dates or by clearing as many checks as you can before charging fees. If theres a bank that opperates in this manner please e mail me.

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I switched from Charter One Bank to PNC because of the same complaint you have!!! In one week, Charter One had charged me over $200.00 in overdraft fees based on the BANK'S MISTAKE of taking debits out before adding in credits!!! This bank is TERRIBLE!!!


Not only does Charter One process checks by clearing the largest amounts first, they also process all debits (including overdraft fees) before processing any credits. The result is that the credit often disappears because it has been eaten up by the fees assessed.

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