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I have a mentally retarded brother that has a mma account with Charter One bank. I have been on his account since he has had one.

Last year he wanted a visa card. My brother cannot read. He can only write his name. He does not understand.

He cannot comprehend like a normal person could. That is my reason for being on his account to make sure that his bills get paid. He lives alone. But I have overseen everything that he goes to do.

I was not made aware of this new checking account until He wanted to go shopping for Christmas. I knew of his mma account. But I knew nothing of the checking account. I maid serveral purchasing with him.

We were denied 3 purchases. And that drew a red flag to me. Because I did not at the time understand why he was denied. I stopped all transactions I went to the Richmond Rd branch.

I was told that he had a checking account. I ask why. They said that he ask for one. I said he doesnot need considering the fact that he can not write a check.

I was told that the teller said that he understood what was said to him and that he signed for it. I wish to see the documents. I asked the question again how could you all let some of his statue come in a open a new account. They said thats what he asked for.

I stated to them that he is labeled Mentally Retarded and have been all of his 57years. I work with his social workers and made them aware of this situation. I have been told that I have nothing to do with his new account. But I had to transfer funds from the old account to the new account to make it right.

I asked the questions about the funds that I paid off the new account. We were charged 7 overdraft fees that day. I stated that that should hve drawn up all kinds of flags. The statement that was made to me was people overdraft all the time.

I told them that He didn't. They should have looked at the account more closely. They did not. I was told that they have to take to management to see what could be done about the fees.

I told that I would be willing to get me an attorney and sue them. They took advantage of my brother. And they don't want to give him his money back. I am pissed.

I do plan one contacting some hire ups on this matter. And will seek me a lawyer for all the headache's they have caused me.

The don't want to put the money back into his account. I have been waiting for about 2 weeks now

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